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Infant colic and reflux are some of the most common feeding problems that affect babies. Around 40% experience infant reflux1 and 20% suffer from infant colic2.

What are some of the signs of colic?

The symptoms of colic are distinctive and often occur soon after feeding and late in the afternoon and evening. At other times your baby may seem happy and content.

Some signs of colic in babies:

  • Intense crying, lasting several hours
  • Clenched fists, arched back or knees pulled up to tummy
  • Red of flushed face when crying

Practical tips to try

  • Soothing with gentle rocking motions
  • Warm baths
  • Gentle stomach or back rubs


What is reflux and regurgitation?

Reflux and regurgitation, or ‘posseting’, are very common in infants and it’s thought to be related to a developing digestive system. Your baby will usually grow out of the symptoms by their first birthday, but the symptoms can be distressing for both parents and baby.

Some signs of reflux in babies:

  • Constant or sudden crying
  • Regularly having ‘wet burps’ or hiccups
  • An arched back after feeding

Practical tips to try

  • Burp your baby before, during and after feeding
  • Hold your baby upright during, and for about 30min after, feeding


 If you think your baby has colic or reflux, speak to your healthcare professional for advice about possible management options.


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