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For online shopping, keeping in touch with family & friends, all our laptops come with built-in wi-fi and webcams.  Our vivid displays and crisp audio will bring catch up TV to life.

Lenovo’s latest designs focus on the things that are important to you, like portability, simplicity, security and style. 

The Chromebook Duet

A recent addition to the Lenovo product family is the IdeaPad Chromebook Duet. This sleek, light 2-in-1 Chromebook switches from work to fun as easily as it switches from laptop to tablet mode. Simply detach the keyboard, and you have an ultraportable 10.1″ tablet ready to entertain. Enjoy all the apps you love, superfast boot-up, automatic updates, and Full HD Touchscreen with optional stylus support. Get creative. Or get busy.  And all this at a price that won’t break the bank.

The traditional laptop

If you’re looking for a more traditional laptop, you can’t go wrong with a Lenovo Ideapad.  Its narrow borders and thoughtful details—like the physical webcam security shutter—make this a great choice for everyday use.  These ultra-thin laptops are light and easy to carry, with a selection of screen sizes and performance options to suit your requirements.  Whether it’s the entry Ideapad 1, the mainstream Ideapad 3, or the powerful Ideapad 5 with options including IPS screens, the latest graphics and longer battery life, go online now to find your perfect fit!

Get 360 Flexible

The Flex Series offers all the performance of the Ideapad series, but the added built-in versatility of a multimode laptop, with a 360* hinge.  With all-day battery life, bright touchscreens and four different modes of use, an IdeaPad Flex gives you different ways to get things done, anywhere. Use as a regular laptop, in stand mode for touchscreen interaction, in tent mode for games or entertainment and as a tablet for when you’re out and about. With a choice of screen sizes, processing technology and operating system, the Flex Series has it all!

The YOGA Choice

If it’s innovation, performance and style you’re after, then the YOGA is for you.   Whether you’re looking for ultra-slim or convertible, the YOGA family has it.  With sleek designs, a choice of high-quality materials and the latest ultra-portability, the Lenovo YOGA is the ultimate premium laptop.

Is a tablet for you?

With screens larger than smartphones, tablets are the perfect device for on the go, and Lenovo tablets feature the perfect mix for work and play with a full range of affordable devices.

Featuring the latest Android operating systems, these tablets are great for entertainment and productivity. They’re also available in a wide variety of styles and functionality, from mainstream to premium. Perfect family devices, they’re easy to use for kids, grandparents, and everyone in between. Whether you want a 7-inch, 8-inch or a 10-inch tablet, our tablets offer a range of multimedia features, long battery life, and lightweight designs.

For hands-free help around the home, Lenovo also offers a selection of Smart Tablets, with built-in voice-activated assistants.

Lenovo has partnered with the National Pharmacy Association to bring you some of the best Lenovo products and exclusive offers, visit to take a look now.

  • Appointments available 7 days a week
  • Get medical advice, prescriptions and referrals
  • Free NHS service in eligible areas* or £29 for pay-as-you-go appointments

It’s not always possible to see your usual GP at short notice. Work, family or life can get in the way. But you shouldn’t have to delay getting medical advice – whether you have a long-term condition, a new ache or pain, or your little one isn’t well.

Here for you 7 days a week

The Livi app lets you see a GMC-registered GP by video when you need one, from home, work or on-the-go. You can choose to see a GP the same day, or book up to a week ahead to suit your schedule. Even on a weekday evening or Sunday afternoon, our GPs are here to help.

It’s simple to get started

  1. Download the Livi app
  2. Select your GP service to see if you’re eligible for our free NHS service. If not, you can choose the pay-as-you-go service instead
  3. Book an appointment at a time that suits you


Trusted by patients

“Livi is so easy and safe to use. Doctors are kind and understanding.”

“Fantastic, it was a very clear video call and I received quick and easy information. I love how it saves my time!”

Discover more at

*Livi is free on the NHS to patients registered at partner GP practice. See full list at or check in the Livi app.


Why mattresses matter

Sleep is a natural human behaviour that allows your body and mind to rest so that you can function properly the next day. Since the recommended amount of sleep per night is 7-9 hours, it is vital that your body is comfortable and well supported for this duration of time to reduce sleep delay, mid-night disturbances, and after sleep problems like aches and pains. Struggling to get comfortable and overheating throughout the night are two of the nation’s most common sleep concerns. Luckily, OTTY was founded to tackle these two problems and offers a range of hybrid mattresses that combine springs and memory foam to offer both comfort and support.

While a new mattress won’t solve all of your sleep problems, as there are things that can be done to help improve sleep in the lead up to going to bed, like limiting screen time and watching what you eat and drink, investing in a mattress is a good start.

Mattresses with you in mind

With OTTY,  you can wave goodbye to uncomfortable nights that cause you to break out in a sweat and wake up when your partner tosses and turns. Their range of mattresses boasts the largest springs on the market, standing at 16cm tall, which offers support to your body while minimising motion felt when sharing a bed. Each of their mattresses also have temperature regulating technology which works to prevent overheating, one of the leading causes of mid-night disturbances.

What is being said about OTTY

Rachel, 16/04/21 – Sorted my back pain out! I was waking regularly through the night and now I sleep through. Absolutely amazing. Easy purchase and delivery. Can’t say a bad word.

Laura, 18/04/21 We love Otty. We have tried a number of other similar brands but Otty stands out as the best..just the right firmness, really cool and doesn’t allow you to over heat. Great and easy service. We have just bought our 2nd one for the spare room. Won’t use another matress now! Thanks Otty.

Helen 08/04/19 – Great customer service and delivery. So far, very pleased with the mattress. Very supportive and lessens motion transference when partner turns over. Love the pillows – probably the most comfortable I have slept on

Wendy 06/03/21 – Really happy with my new Otty Pure Hybrid. Just the right firmness and comfort. The pillows are amazing too so pleased I got them. Good delivery experience too.

David 10/04/21 – The mattress was easy to order, delivery was fast, later in the same week, communication about delivery and delivery times was excellent. The delivery folk were friendly and careful and it was delivered in the arranged time slot. I love the mattress, just the right balance of support, firmness and comfort. I’m very happy all round.

Sharon 23/04/21 – Comfiest mattress I’ve ever bought. Perfect night’s sleep

Intus Healthcare are the UK’s Sleep Apnoea experts. Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is believed to affect 10 million people in the UK, but just 10% of cases have been diagnosed1.

OSA is characterised by heavy snoring, being excessively tired during the day, and morning headaches – though not everyone experiences these symptoms. Other warning signs include a lack of energy and concentration, frequent toilet visits during the night, and being irritable or short-tempered.

Those over 40 are most at risk, particularly those with a BMI above 25. If you are in these categories and have any of the symptoms above, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea could be the cause.

OSA is usually easy to detect and has several clinically proven treatments. Intus can help you find out if you have Sleep Apnoea and provide a suitable, effective treatment option for you.

Intus help thousands of people investigate and improve their sleep every month. Their confidential In-Home Sleep Test allows individuals to get answers on their sleep issues within weeks – if not days. They will send a simple but advanced recording device to you in the post, so no appointment is required. Once returned, the data is assessed by an NHS-trained sleep professional and a detailed report written.

To find out more about this service and take the first step towards solving your sleep problems, visit today. As an NPA visitor you can save £20 on your In-Home Sleep Test using code NPA21.

You can also call their friendly UK-based team free on 0800 024 8050 or email to get confidential, honest advice. Their five-star TrustPilot score shows their commitment to outstanding customer care.

If you have already been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, Intus offer a wide range of equipment and comfort accessories to make your therapy as comfortable and effective as possible.

If you are experiencing any issues with your sleep therapy, why not see if Intus can provide a solution? They have helped thousands of CPAP patients to get more comfortable.

Intus provide everything from travel-focussed CPAP machines down to replacement filters, including a wide-range of masks from leading brands to suit any patient. Their comfort-enhancing accessories include a pillow specifically designed for CPAP patients and fabric mask liners to reduce red marks and skin irritation. is not just an online shop; it has a wealth of information and advice about Sleep Apnoea and CPAP. It is a valuable resource for those with Sleep Apnoea, whether diagnosed or concerned. Their friendly team are on hand to advise you personally and confidentially if you prefer to speak to somebody.

Get the sleep you need for the life you deserve. Visit to see how they can help you today.


For many women, the journey through menopause can be complex and challenging, especially if you’re experiencing an array of symptoms whilst juggling the busy demands of midlife. This can include changes in family dynamics, increasing career commitments and caring for young children as well as ageing parents.

Whether you’re seeking answers in the early stages of menopause, or feel you’re not quite getting the support you need – it’s important to remember that you’re not alone.

At Health & Her, we’re here to help you get back in control with specialist support and a range of options to empower you through your menopause journey.

Are you experiencing symptoms?

There’s more to menopause than hot flushes and period changes. In fact, did you know that there are actually more than 30 recognised symptoms and hot flushes isn’t even in the top 5 that women commonly experience?

As hormones levels begin to decline, women often experience a number of symptoms that can affect the body, mood and mind. These symptoms can range from mild to very severe, and depending on your experience can be a very challenging and upsetting time.

Many of these symptoms begin while you’re in perimenopause – the stage before menopause, and can continue as you transition into menopause.


Perimenopause is the lesser-known stage prior to menopause when hormone levels fluctuate. During this stage, women experience menopause symptoms while still having periods.

Menopause is the stage after Perimenopause, when you’re experiencing symptoms but have not had a period for 12 months.

For many women, recognising the symptoms can be a good first step towards understanding and managing what’s happening.

Here are some of the most common symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Do any apply to you?

  • HOT FLUSHES                          – LOSS OF SEX DRIVE                      – NIGHT SWEATS
  • VAGINAL DRYNESS               – LOW ENERGY                                   – LOW MOOD
  • JOINT ACHES                            – URINARY CHANGES                     – PAINFUL SEX
  •  BRAIN FOG                               – SLEEPING PROBLEMS                  – WEIGHT GAIN
  • STRESS & ANXIETY               – CHANGING PERIODS                    – HEADACHES

What solution is best for me?

The research we’ve conducted with thousands of women has helped us understand just how complex menopause symptoms and experiences can be. Every menopause is different, which is why we’ve developed a range of products and services that can be personalised to your menopause stage, severity, and symptoms. While exploring these options, consider how your symptoms are interfering with your day-to-day life.

The various factors to think about, include:

  • Your physical healthsuch as energy, pain, fatigue, discomfort, sleep and rest
  • Your psychological health – negative and positive feelings, self-esteem, body image, appearance, memory and concentration
  • Your independencemobility, activities in your day-to-day life, dependence on medicines, your work capacity
  • Your relationshipspartners, family, friends, sex, and social activity
  • Your environment money matters, participating in recreation and leisure, feeling safe and secure

Did you know

  • On average, the symptoms of perimenopause can take place 4-5 years before periods stop [1]
  • In a recent study, we found that 9/10 women were unable to recognise that their symptoms were related to perimenopause [2]
  • The average age a women experiences perimenopause is 46 [3]
  • The average age a woman experiences menopause is 51 [4]
  • On average, women will experience a combination of 9 menopause symptoms
  • In a study by the British Menopause Society, half of women said their menopause symptoms had affected their home life, their social life (36%), and work life (36%)

Get your free personal trainer for menopause  

We know that small daily changes can lead to long-lasting results, so we’ve created the Health & Her Menopause App – your free personal trainer for perimenopause and menopause.

The Health & Her App has been designed to help you build positive lifestyle habits that put you back in control. Track and monitor your symptoms with ease and access an evidence-based toolkit of exercises and activities that can be scheduled into daily goals.

This includes pelvic floor exercises for urinary changes and painful sex, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for low mood, hot flushes & night sweats and guided meditation for sleep, stress & anxiety. We’ve even included timely reminders to take your HRT or supplements!

With personalised insights into important patterns and triggers, the Health & Her Menopause App enables you to learn more about the symptom management options that work for you, making it the perfect pocket companion to assist you through each stage of your menopause journey.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Brilliant app. Logical, easy to use and answers to all of my questions. Big thumbs up.” Arual, App Store Review

“I’m so grateful I have found Health & Her, loads of information and support on the app and the products work like magic. I feel like it’s nothing short of a miracle.”
Helen, Trustpilot review
The Health & Her Menopause App is available to download for FREE on iOS and Android:

Get trusted advice and answers
Menopause can be complex subject, so if you’re looking for trusted advice and practical help to feel better, then look no further than our award-winning website where you’ll find support from the UK’s leading menopause experts.

From GP’s and Gynaecologists to Nutritionists and Career Coaches – our independent experts provide answers to some your most-asked questions across a range of topics, including:

“What is HRT and how does it work?”

“What causes menopause sleep problems?”

“Can diet, nutrition and supplements help?”

“How can I talk to my GP?

Get free expert at

Tackling things naturally

Many nutritionists advise paying close attention to the link between your diet and menopause experience, as essential nutrients can play a key role in ensuring you maintain optimal health. To help with this, dietary supplements can be a beneficial way to access concentrated sources of key plants, herbs, nutrients and minerals which are difficult to incorporate into our diet due to over farming and pesticides.

At Health & Her, we’ve worked with expert nutritionists to develop a multi-symptom supplement range to support with 9 of the top symptoms women experience during perimenopause and menopause.

Our supplements have both been carefully formulated with a natural blend of plants, herbs, minerals and phytoestrogens –  plant-based compounds that mimic oestrogen in the body.

The Health & Her Perimenopause Supplement and Menopause Supplement contain clinically proven ingredients and are suitable for vegans, gluten-free, non-GMO and contain no added preservatives.

This product has changed my life. It helped me feel like me, when nothing else I’ve tried has.”  Steph, review  

I started on my perimenopause journey 2 years ago – and felt utterly shocking. I was literally a different person, and I didn’t like her one bit…I’ve just started in month 4 with these supplements and I finally feel balanced. I can’t really believe how different they make me feel! They are a real game changer!Claire, Trustpilot review

“When I started to struggle with my low moods, lack of energy, aching joints etc. I thought they were worth a try…I quickly noticed the difference and now take two every morning without fail.”  L. Stead, review

“I’m so glad to have found a supplement that substantially improves the low energy and joint aches I’ve experienced since the onset of menopause.” Mel, review

Learn more about the Health & Her multi-symptom supplement range:



Managing severe symptoms

If your symptoms are having a severe effect on your day-to-day life and you’re finding it difficult to cope, we advise speaking to your GP for support.

Unfortunately, there are a limited number of menopause specialists available within NHS led GP surgeries, so if you find that you’re unable to get the support you need, then you may want to consider seeing a private specialist.

At the Health & Her Clinic we offer online consultations with menopause specialist GPs who are highly experienced in the management of menopausal health.

With their specialist knowledge in women’s health, our GPs are qualified to support you with advice and treatment options that are tailored to your needs. Examples of this may include:

  • If you’re looking for a perimenopause diagnosis
  • Need help in considering if HRT is right for you
  • If you’re struggling with your existing HRT or contraceptive and need expert advice

Getting support from an experienced specialist can go a long way when it comes to getting back to feeling like yourself again, and our doctors take the time to listen so you never feel rushed.

 Don’t just take our word for it…

Extremely informative & empowering. An amazing experience to have someone understand the issues I have – helped put everything into perspective! Nila, Health & Her Clinic patient

If you feel like your GP isn’t an expert in the menopause field or you just get snubbed then please consider this empathetic service. I’m so glad I did.
Fiona, Health & Her Clinic patient

Book an appointment with a menopause specialist GP today, or learn more at

Book an appointmentFor more information and helpful advice, visit our award-winning website:

Get in touch:

[1], 2, 3 Research commissioned by Health & Her and carried out by Censuswide. 1001 women. UK. 2019

[4] British Menopause Society research. 1200 women. UK. 2016


Evolve® uses unique preservative-free formulations that:

  • Provide long-lasting relief, lubrication and protection for your dry eyes.
  • Are recommended by eye care professionals.
  • Are preservative-free which protect your eyes from preservative damage.
  • Eliminate the use of sensitisers, that can irritate your eyes, with
    NEW Evolve® Soothe & Renew and Evolve® Repair & Protect.
  • Offer great value eye drops with up to 360 doses, that’s double compared to most others, which means that one bottle can last up to 3 months.
  • Can be used whilst wearing all types of contact lenses.
  • Are vegan friendly
  • 76% of patients prefer the easy-to-use bottle.
  • Remove detergents, which disrupt your tear film, found in other eyelid wipes


If you want the latest technology in dry eye care, order Evolve® today and save 20%* on your first order.

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 Evolve® Pure eyelid wipes (all types of dry eye)

  • Use daily to restore eyelid hygiene & improve dry eye symptoms
  • For MGD, Blepharitis, Dry Eye & Allergy
  • 20 large wipes for cooling & soothing relief
  • Preservative & Detergent free



Evolve® Soothe & Renew (mild dry eye)

  • Soothing relief & long-lasting protection
  • Purest formulation
  • 360 doses for up to 3 months use
  • Preservative & Sensitiser free



Evolve® Dry Eye Max (moderate dry eye)

  • Locks in moisture for long-lasting relief
  • Naturally sourced hyaluronate
  • 350 doses for up to 3 months use
  • Preservative free



Evolve® Repair and Protect (severe dry eye)

  • Triple action formula to lubricate, restore & protect
  • Ideal for sensitive eyes
  • 360 doses for up to 3 months use
  • Preservative & Sensitiser free



If you want the latest technology in dry eye care, order Evolve® today and save 20%* on your first order.

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 Healthy living is all about enjoying life’s simple pleasures; laughing, getting fresh air, eating a steady supply of delicious and healthy food… refreshments… music…as it turns out, all the ingredients for a brilliant barbecue! 

There’s more to barbecuing than serving up a few charred sausages. Barbecuing is not just good for the spirits, it can help look after the body too. Meat is less fatty, seafood is off the scale, veggies take on a delicious smoked flavour and fruit becomes sweet and golden, it makes eating healthily feel like a real treat! 


To really master barbecuing you can follow these three steps to create delicious meals cooked to perfection. 


We always recommend cooking with the lid down. Meats grill juicier and are infused with that great barbecue taste. And it puts you in control of the temperature. 


Choose the right cooking method to achieve perfect results every time. Indirect Cooking is ideal for dishes that cook low and slow such as roasts, keeping the heat either side of the food so it doesn’t cook too quickly. Direct Cooking is for dishes that don’t take long to cook, like meat or veggie skewers or thinner cuts of meat – things that come into their own with some focused heat. And for when a little bit of both is needed such as chicken thighs or wings, we use the 50/50 Cooking method – so it’s cooked on the inside as well as the outside. 


The only way to know for certain that it’s time to take something off the grill is with a meat thermometer. This prevents you from over cooking or under cooking your food and it gives you the confidence to impress your guests with some delicious meats. 


If you really want to take things to another level, perhaps with an 8-hour brisket never to be forgotten, or with every ribeye cooked perfectly to order, then you need the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub. It’s a step-by-step barbecuing assistant that sends notifications directly to your smart 

phone. All it takes is a glance at your phone to know that everything is on track and cooking to perfection. Shop all smart grilling products at 


Can’t wait to pick up your tongs and fire up the barbecue? Here’s a couple of our favourite healthy recipes to get you started! For more recipe inspiration sign up to our newsletter at 


PREP TIME: 20 mins • COOKING TIME: 8-10 mins 


8 lamb loin chops 

50g fresh mint 

50g fresh parsley 

1 tsp lemon zest 

2 tbsp fresh lemon juice 

1 tbsp chopped shallot 

1 tbsp drained capers 

1 garlic clove 

1/2 tsp sea salt 

1/4 tsp chilli flakes 

4 tbsp olive oil 


In a food processor or blender, combine the mint, parsley, lemon zest and juice, shallot, capers, garlic, salt and chilli flakes, and pulse to chop roughly. Slowly add the olive oil and process until a chunky salsa forms. 

Transfer to a bowl, cover with cling film, pressing it directly onto the surface to prevent discolouration, set aside at room temperature (the salsa can be made up to 4 hours in advance, keep in the fridge then bring to room temperature and stir before serving). 

Lightly brush the lamb with olive oil on both sides and season with salt and pepper. Stand the chops at room temperature for 15-30 minutes before barbecuing. 


Prepare the barbecue for direct cooking over medium heat (180-230°C). Cook the chops over grilling/direct medium heat, with the lid closed, until cooked to your desired doneness (8-10 minutes for medium rare), turning once. 

Remove from the barbecue and leave to rest for 3-5 minutes. Serve the chops warm with salsa on top. 


PREP TIME: 40 mins • COOKING TIME: 6-8 mins 


2 aubergines 

1-2 little gem lettuces 

1 small pot of fresh coriander 

1 red onion 

4 burger buns 

Olive oil 

Curry marinade: 

75ml vegetable oil 

1 tsp curry powder 

Juice of 1/2 lime 

2 cloves of garlic 

Salt & pepper 

Tzatziki: 250ml of 10% Greek yoghurt, 1 cucumber, coarsely grated, 1/2 clove of garlic 


Cut the aubergines into 1cm slices. For the curry marinade, combine the olive oil, curry powder, lime juice and crushed garlic. Brush the slices of aubergine with a generous coating of marinade on both 

sides, season with salt and pepper. For the tzatziki, squeeze out the excess liquid from the grated cucumber and combine in a bowl with yoghurt, crushed garlic, salt and pepper. 


Prepare the barbecue for direct heat, approx. 220°C. If using a charcoal barbecue, you will need just under half a chimney starter of lit briquettes. Cook the aubergine over direct heat for 3-4 minutes each side until they have nice grill marks. 

Split the burger buns and drizzle a little olive oil on the cut side. Toast them lightly over direct heat until they have nice grill marks too. 

Assemble the burgers: lettuce on the bottom, then tzatziki, two slices of barbecued aubergine, onion rings and fresh coriander. 

From choosing the pillow to give you the perfect level of support and comfort, to picking the correct duvet with the optimum thickness and warmth level. These are all factors which will help determine how well you sleep, and most importantly make sure you wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed.

If you’re having trouble sleeping we’ve rounded up four key things to start thinking about when trying to get a great night’s sleep.

Duvet Comfort

If you are waking up during the night because you’re too hot, you may need to look at what tog duvet you have. Choosing a lower tog will keep you cooler.

Pillow Support

If you wake in the morning with a sore neck it sounds like a pillow issue. Your sleeping position is important to understand the pillow support you need. Front sleepers need a soft support pillow, back sleepers a medium support pillow and side sleepers a firmer support pillow

Climate Control

 Feeling hot is the second most common reason for waking up at night. Our Climate Control range uses a breathable DACRON® filling, to help carry excess moisture away from the head and body, keeping you cool and dry.


We know allergies can stop you from getting the best night’s sleep, that why we created our Anti-Allergy range, to help reduce the build-up of dust mites and bacteria, creating a healthier sleep space.

Find out more and take a look at our full range of sleep solutions on our website.

What are some of the signs of colic?

The symptoms of colic are distinctive and often occur soon after feeding and late in the afternoon and evening. At other times your baby may seem happy and content.

Some signs of colic in babies:

  • Intense crying, lasting several hours
  • Clenched fists, arched back or knees pulled up to tummy
  • Red of flushed face when crying

Practical tips to try

  • Soothing with gentle rocking motions
  • Warm baths
  • Gentle stomach or back rubs


What is reflux and regurgitation?

Reflux and regurgitation, or ‘posseting’, are very common in infants and it’s thought to be related to a developing digestive system. Your baby will usually grow out of the symptoms by their first birthday, but the symptoms can be distressing for both parents and baby.

Some signs of reflux in babies:

  • Constant or sudden crying
  • Regularly having ‘wet burps’ or hiccups
  • An arched back after feeding

Practical tips to try

  • Burp your baby before, during and after feeding
  • Hold your baby upright during, and for about 30min after, feeding


 If you think your baby has colic or reflux, speak to your healthcare professional for advice about possible management options.


Try our Baby Symptom Checker – a handy tool to check & record your baby’s symptoms that provides you with a personalised list of symptoms that you can download to take to your healthcare professional. Check it out now on